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What is wind energy?
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1,000th air turbine in ENEOP’s portfolio connected

On 17th June, we commemorated the installation of the 1000th air turbine in ENEOP’s wind farms, a symbolic marker in this project that is essential to the Portuguese economy.  read more

Wind and rain save one billion in energy imports

Higher generation in dams and wind farms during the first three months of the year meant that Portugal exported electricity and imported less fuels.  read more

Renewables guarantee 75% of electricity

In the first five months of 2013 around 75 per cent of electricity generation was covered by renewable energies, including special regime and large hydroelectric generation, according to data published by APREN — Portuguese Renewable Energy Association.  read more

Contribution of renewable energies enables savings of 610 million euro

Electricity generation from renewable sources under special regime generation (PRE – FER) in 2012 enabled savings of 540 million euros in the import of fossil fuels (natural gas and coal) and 72.4 million euros in CO2 emissions licences.  read more

Renewables will surpass gas and nuclear energy in 2016

Electricity generated using renewable sources- dams, wind and sun – will surpass generation using natural gas and nuclear energy as of 2016. This estimate is given in the most recent report issued by the International Energy Agency (IEA).  read more

Renewables – Quick factsheet by the DGEG - June 2013

The production of electricity from RER (renewable sources) , recorded in June 2013, an increase of 33% compared to June 2012.  read more

Electricity generation by source for mainland Portugal in 2012

In 2012 wind became the second major source of electricity generation in Portugal. Wind farms guaranteed 20% of national electricity generation.  read more

Portugal among the best in terms of emissions

Finding rankings where Portugal is at the top of the list is not an easy task. Yet, in terms of greenhouse gas emissions, which are linked to the climate change that affects our planet, our country is among the best in the European Union (UE).  read more

Welcome to the wind portal!

On behalf of all the members and partners of the Portuguese Wind Cluster, we welcome you to this new portal, which is aimed at both professionals operating in the sector and the public interested in wind energy in general. Launched in April 2009, when the last industrial units of the cluster are entering into operation, this site has two main goals. As the Wind Cluster’s website, it aims at offering clear and concise information on the cluster formed around the ENEOP – Eólicas de Portugal consortium, the companies that take part in this ambitious endeavour, and on its various feats (installing new facilities, job creation, building wind farms, environmental and economic impact…).  read more

ENEOP wind farms have already generated 5,500 GWh of clean energy

ENEOP’s wind farms have already generated 5,500 GWh since they went into operation in 2008, which represents around 11% of total annual electricity consumption in the country.  read more

Enercon invests 10 million euros in Viana do Castelo

Viana do Castelo City Council and ENEOP 3 – Desenvolvimento de Projeto Industrial SA signed an investment agreement that will enable the expansion of the blade manufacturing until at Praia Norte Industrial Estate. In practice, this imply an immediate investment of 10 million euros and the consolidation of 550 existing jobs, thereby strengthening Enercon’s wind cluster.  read more

ENEOP seals financing deal to complete 1200 MW allocation

Portuguese wind power consortium ENEOP has secured €300 million in project finance from the European Investment Bank (EIB) to develop the third and final tranche of the 1,200 MW of capacity it was awarded by government tender in 2006.  read more

Eneop projects to export 50% of 2013 wind power output

Wind power cluster Eolicas de Portugal (Eneop) expects to export 50% of its 2013 output, chairman Anibal Fernandes said yesterday.  read more

Interview with Aníbal Fernandes, Engineer, O Público newspaper

Aníbal Fernandes advocates that the tariff paid to Eneop for each megawatt of electricity generated using wind is the lowest in Europe and is competitive, even when compared with natural gas. Using various examples of non-explicit subsidies to fossil fuels in Portugal, he defends that historically “all subsidies had their reason”. As for the tariff deficit, he says it is the result of inconsequent political measures and is not the fault of electricity from renewables or fossil fuels.  read more

Enercon accounts for almost half of the wind power market

The manufacturer Enercon holds 47.1% of market share of wind farm manufacturers in Portugal, taking into account installed infrastructure as well as that under construction or awarded for construction.  read more
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